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Hey global citizen!
We are your no fuzz private members’ club, inspired by a continental spirit. We’re a small, exclusive Stockholm bubble aiming to create and give you a home away from home ambiance. 

Integrity & Privacy
We are all about your privacy and you should always feel at ease here. K Connectors are very selective with invitations, as privacy, safety and integrity is precious to our members. This is also why a connector will need your guests full name and mobile number for admittance. Your guest can visit three times (no more, no less) before applying for membership. A test on both sides to see and feel we are on the same page. K Society is a place to relax from all daily keeping up appearances, needs & necessities. Thanks to our friendly members there’s always a fun conversations about life, special interests and experiences to join into. Civil state, age or residence is never the topic, we are International citizens who respect each others privacy. To make sure to keep up this special K-bubble friendly ambiance our members and guests are all in a NO photos.

Information & Location
K Connectors will never share personal info given to us, by You or Your Guests. Your  invites and address/location is announced only to you, and are always personal and private and are sent to you by sms (text message). Our monthly AW is in a secluded part of a well chosen local bar, in the city area. 

K Rates & Member Fee
There’s a mandatory yearly K Members Fee, which covers admittance for You & Your Biz Partner/Spouse. Our Member-fee is to cover K Creative Board’s direct costs for admin, research and hosting.

Co-Hosted Events
At our Happenings and Pop Ups as well as for the Co-Hosted AW’s and Events we mix-in with a Preferred Partner’s guests our audience and of course our house rules can not be adapted on to their crowd. 


With Love & Respect!
/K Connectors

© K International Society 

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